Essential Tips For Travelling On A Budget

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Many people find the costs of travelling to be restrictive, but there are many ways to work around a limited budget. It’s all a matter of smart planning, budget management, looking for the best travel deals and getting tours for free. Spend wisely and you’ll be able to afford that dream trip, wherever your destination may be. Here are some essential tips for travelling on a tight budget!

Book travel packages using discount codes.

If you’ve been paying for hotel reservations, plane trips, airport transfers and tours at full price, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to save money. Before booking anything, check out available discount codes to slash prices off rooms, flights, transfer services and sightseeing tours. There are many promos nowadays offering all-in vacation packages–do a little sleuthing and compare prices to find the best deals online!

Consider B&Bs and small inns.

Here’s one advice we always give to budget-constrained travellers: book a B&B or make reservations at a small inn, hostel, or homestay instead of a big, swanky hotel. If you’re going to spend most of your time outside on tours and whatnot, why spend so much on a hotel room when you can save money and still get the comfort of a soft bed at the end of the day?

B&Bs also provide complimentary breakfasts, so take advantage of it. What we like most about these small establishments is the intimate, family setting, where hosts or owners take care of you as one of their own. You get to share stories, get insider tips or even a free guided tour when they’re not too busy. Someone who once spent a week at a homestay found it hard to leave. “They even knit a bonnet for me,” he said, “It was hard not to cry.”


Travel off-season.

Peak seasons make prices for plane fares, hotels and yes, even food–shoot up. Do some research on the places you’d like to go to and know when the peak season is. Avoid travelling there during those months to save yourself some serious money and the hassle of being jostled by crowds of tourists. Sure, you might not experience the perfect weather conditions, but you get to negotiate lower rates on accommodation when tourists are scarce.

Pack food instead of dining out.

Dining in restaurants can also quickly deplete your travel budget, so a top tip is to buy food at the local market, grocery or small cafeteria and bring it along with you. Go for a picnic! If you must stop to it, ask where the locals go for good, home-cooked meals. You’ll get the benefit of trying out a truly local cuisine too.

Use a guidebook and tour yourself around.

You can download maps and e-books in advance to get to know more about where you’re going so you won’t be completely clueless when you arrive. Read travel websites and blogs that contain information on transportation, safety tips, budget, free tours and must-see places you can go to on foot. Many of these sites allow you to compare prices so you can shop around for the best deals and plan your itinerary.

A physical map and guidebook would also come in handy, especially if you can’t charge your devices at will. With a guidebook, you can skip having to sign up for paid tours.

Save on local transportation.

Use public transportation to explore the area once you get to your destination. Buses and trains are inexpensive and efficient ways to travel, so do your research or ask locals about routes. You can also share private tour shuttles with other travellers. This works best when you’re staying at a hostel and other backpackers also want to tour around. By splitting the cost of transportation, you get to save money while still enjoying the sights.