The family atmosphere and the excellent value for money are just some of the reasons for choosing a bed and breakfast. Staying in a B&B is today one of the most practiced solutions by tourists in every corner of the planet. In fact, many people appreciate the many advantages and complete autonomy that this type of accommodation provides.

So let’s see what are the 7 reasons to choose a B&B and never stop doing it

1) Family reception

One thing is certain, if you are going to choose a bed and breakfast, know that you will always be guaranteed full hospitality and a family atmosphere. Anyone who chooses to open this business, wherever it is, certainly has a strong sense of welcome and all the qualities necessary to relate to customers of any kind, respecting and satisfying many of the requests and having personal attention to guest. The flexibility in the schedules and the possibility of having the entrance keys also guarantee that special feeling of feeling at home even on vacation.

2) Culture and leisure

If you decide to choose a bed and breakfast, know that every B&B has its own characteristics that adapt to the culture and traditions of the place where it is active. In this sense the role of landlords is essential because they can best advise their guests on the beauty and opportunities offered by the territory in which they live. So do not hesitate to ask for advice on the artistic, natural, sports and food and wine offer of the area where you are on vacation.

3) Fresh and genuine food

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and for a B&B preparing good food is the best way to take care of your customers. You can be sure infarti that the offer will be taken care of in every detail and that on request even the most particular needs, tastes or intolerances for example, will be satisfied. From homemade cakes to fresh fruit juices, from locally produced meats and cheeses to freshly baked bread, from fragrant croissants to organic jams, to seasonal products at km0 … you will really be spoiled for choice because for every B&B respect yourself breakfast is really a source of pride.

4) Services included

These accommodations offer a wide range of services included in the price of accommodation: Wi-Fi, TV, parking and shuttle service, personalized breakfast, water and snacks and so on. Many of the B & Bs offer discounted tickets for theme parks, museums, shows or events in the area.

5) Rooms and bathroom

The rooms are furnished with care and each room is often different from the other. In some you will find designer furniture, others will have different colors and others will be themed and in the bathroom there will be basic body care products as well as showers and whirlpool baths. Good taste is the word that best fits the description of this characteristic of the best B & Bs.

6) Competitive costs

The costs of a room and breakfast are really competitive. You will have all the comforts that your stay deserves at honest prices, affordable and suitable for every category of traveler: from young people to families, from couples to singles.

7) Originality

One thing is certain, no B&B will ever be the same as another. Every structure in which you will be guests will remain in your heart for its special and always original features.

The children

Children who do not exceed 1 meter in height benefit from the free offer by sleeping in the bed with their parents.

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