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Hey friends where Kayleigh hey John we’re the Knicks in fact we’re real chairs Home Designer is an B I watch it try so hard to give him a line guys that’s it I get three letters okay let’s live with it today we are heading to the most picturesque town we are looking at a gorgeous bed and breakfast on the lake we’ve got 2019 design trends that you’ve been waiting for plus we have a super cool DIY if you’ve got a house guests coming and and we have rose and I don’t know if they were closed underneath or not oh gosh I guess we’re gonna find out are you ready let’s go

Welcome to the Lady of the lake and you’re not talking about me no not today but this is such a dreamy little spot in scanning outlet I love how they welcomed us in with this great area you’ve got look at this I have a glass of champagne or mimosas we have arrived John I’d get in trouble that’s where you went about it I want to check in look how cozy this space feels so you have not one but two sitting areas pocket doors separating both the charm and the fireplace I stoke that for you thank you very nice fireplace which is amazing here is a great opportunity to live in the most picturesque town you’ve got this gorgeous old Victorian home built in 1894 so much charm and you can live for free because we are talking about potentially having a bed-and-breakfast this is an operating bed-and-breakfast they’ve got wonderful occupancy rates you don’t matter son I cannot see also yes and also again we wanted to mention everything in this house goes with the purchase price isn’t that incredible because we’ve sold a lot of our homes where they’re like oh could we buy you know the bed or could we buy your dining set in this house with this opportunity this business opportunity you can buy everything with it for the list price so everything from sheets to glasses

You know tableware everything completely might throw me in I make a good day yes and what I know you really love well I love to eat a breakfast so this is where your guests would stay to come down and have breakfast and from the bed and breakfast in the kitchen we’ll show you next where all the magic happens yeah absolutely and I’ve heard that these meals rival cribs yeah I was actually gonna rent a room just so that we could have breakfast tomorrow all right get in the kitchen all right let’s do it you know for home built in 1894 this feels so upgraded and modern look at this gorgeous white kitchen and also the washers dryers here because you always have to make sure you have fresh linens yes I feel like you would be very good at this job I think we’re moving in you know what’s so cool is this is such a great opportunity to live in the home because the owners quarters are right here off from the kitchen but and yet you live for free while you are hosting and entertaining cool people from around the country what a unique opportunity I’m past walkthrough Wednesday’s you’ve seen us go through homes with wallpaper and typically we’re trying to tell you how to remove it but with this one I don’t want you to leave it because bold patterned wallpaper particularly floral wallpaper is in for 2019 and it really just fits the vibe of this whole B&B space doesn’t it I know if something else that’s in and I’m pretty excited about it four poster beds you’ve always loved a four poster bed yes and I think they’re so classic and beautiful so those are in as well we have a third thing that’s in know we don’t matte black yeah no I wasn’t gonna talk about that okay so you told us what’s in what’s coming out you guys I’m really sad about this one macrame I have been loving all of the natural elements that macrame brings but it is out for 2019 also indigo blue be still my heart I’m devastated I think we need to sell our house right now I think so too the last one this is really gonna gut you Gray’s gray paints are out for 2019 we have to change our son’s name this Mary so all three rooms are named after the previous female owners

So you have Mary Stella will have to introduce you to her in a minute but what I really love is that each of the rooms have their own bathroom have their own closets and all of the accoutrements to make it feel really cozy really special and homey yes we’re on the second floor and it oh it looks over scanning out skin yet and the view from all the rooms is unbelievable I can see a peak right here of Skaneateles Lake you’ve got a park across the street and the location is phenomenal so John you introduced us to Stella yes I love I love her vibrancy of the Pops of blue and yellow in there you mentioned the view of the lake out this window you have to mention the view of the patisserie that has the most delicious cupcakes John I have a problem I said John if you don’t do a good job today no cookies for you so the jury’s still out on that I work for here is d Etta I really like her this one’s really sweet and down the hall yes I can’t miss this absolutely so you don’t have to go all the way downstairs if you’re not ready to really wake up yet this is the room I want to put dibs on this is the loft and you’ll notice it’s not just one room we’ll take you up stairs in a moment but a really spacious bathroom this is an awesome little sitting area but if you have maybe family you have a child right coming with you and you also have a separate entrance or exit down to the kitchen first dibs on breakfast aptly named the loft we are coming up the stairs to really like the best part of the house in my opinion rooms why I think there’s so much space up here and wait till you see the view look at all the space John you don’t have any cause to leave you’ve got this gorgeous four-poster bed all these different seating areas and hello a kitchenette yeah stovetop sink refrigerator microwave coffee to be honest we don’t need to leave yeah.

We don’t do the cleaning we don’t do the breakfast trail we don’t do the laundry yep and if you go outside you don’t even need to talk to me where do I sign all right I want you to see something extra special get over here I’m coming yes is this the coziest little reading space it is well I mean it’s more of a laydown space look at that guys absolutely spectacular view and what a sweet spot to take it in you stall they couldn’t come off that something we’ve always done whether we had somebody staying on our couch or in an actual bedroom we like to put together a basket to welcome them with all the things they might have forgotten from home and this place puts our basket to shame that’s for sure they have every box checked but when you’re having people come over and you want to make them feel comfortable or uncomfortable Haley likes to put on a nice greeting basket and we greet them at the front door with ropes Johnny tries I I don’t let him what Elsa things that you want to include the obvious you know you might forget your toothbrush razors we’d like to include things that people might not feel comfortable asking for or might just need you know so one of them is alka-seltzer when you serve that big saucy dinner and the persons can’t breathe in bed they want to grab the old alpha soldier and when you’re traveling always important to keep up with your vitamin C and something else that we like to do little welcome notes to let them know that we’re so glad that we’re there with the Wi-Fi code he wants to be asked what’s the code what’s the code what’s the code put it bedside you don’t have to talk to people so what do you think is wallpaper in or out for you because it gets a little tricky I would you like it I was just concerned about what breakfast they’re gonna serve tomorrow the brakes don’t work that was such a great house I can’t wait to show them what we’ve cooked up before next week so if you haven’t already please subscribe we would be so grateful in if you did like any of our nuggets in this video if you give us a little thumbs up we would love it we appreciate you guys more than you know and we can’t wait to see you next week refrigerator microwave coffee I promised I wouldn’t say the word while we did this but this is no hotel we’re gonna mention the word hotel this is.

Was that what was that a thing oh you’re coming in you.

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